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Customer service is not a
department, it

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We want to welcome you to Emporium Auto Lease. While nothing can replace your experience on-the-lot, we want to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about how we operate. Here, we treat our customers like family!

We truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you an interactive tour of our inventory, as well as get a quote and apply for financing. We want to help you through the process of finding the car you want and deserve. We expect you to come in with high expectations, and leave completely satisfied when you drive off in your new vehicle!

 — David Hilu, CEO and Co-Founder of Emporium Auto Lease


Our extensive experience in the lease industry will ensure that you get the best deals available, and leave completely satisfied with your vehicle!

  • Stress-free, experienced finance department.
  • Diverse selection of popular vehicles.
  • We strive to maintain the trust of our community.
  • Have questions? We always have the answers you need to get you on the road and where you should be!

Lease A Car

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Sell A Car

Would you like to sell or trade-in your vehicle? Receive the absolute best value for it, and let us handle the paperwork!

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